The best shooting experience for your boyfriend

If you are usually buying material gifts for your boyfriend, you probably find out, that he likes the experiences better. People in general enjoy experience more than material things. We can remember them for a longer time and we create wonderful memories. That is why it better idea to buy vouchers for adrenalin sports or vacations rather than material presents. But which voucher should you choose? Think about how your boyfriend spends his free time. If he loves sports, you should choose a special sports experience. It can be a football match or bungee jumping. If he loves videogames, you can provide him a very special experience. In Shooting range Prague cheap Outbackprague he can try guns not in the videogame, but in reality!


This shooting range has a various offer of guns and targets. Your boyfriend can try a lot of different guns and feel like the main hero of his favourite videogame. Men in general love shooting and trying new adrenalin activities. Outback Prague provide professional services. They have well-experiences instructors, who will take care about your boyfriend. They will provide him a special experience and take care about his safety at the same time. It doesn´t matter how experienced is your boyfriend with guns. The instructors will teach him everything he needs to know. Even if he is an absolute beginner, they will explain him everything and in a number of minutes, he will be able to shoot the target!

gun on the table

You can choose from many different packages for your boyfriend. The smallest package “Triple X”. This package is ideal for beginners, who just want to try how it feels to shoot from a real gun. If you buy this package, your boyfriend can try a handgun and a machine gun. If your boyfriend is an experienced shooter, we recommend “Call of duty” package. This one offer a maximum rush of hormones and provide an unforgettable shooting experience!